Optimal Time to List Your Home in the 2024 Housing Market

As we approach the prime season for home sales in 2024, sellers should gear up for listing their properties. The optimal time to list a home this year is anticipated to be the week of April 14–20 (Peak Week), offering favorable market conditions that cater to sellers’ interests more than any other week.

According to Realtor.com®’s survey, the majority of home sellers (53%) take just a month or less to prepare their homes for listing. Therefore, the time to start prepping is now if you aim to take advantage of this opportune week.

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The optimal timing for listing homes in 2024 was determined through an analysis of seasonal trends using data from previous years, excluding mortgage rates from consideration due to their dependence on broader economic conditions. The housing market outlook for 2024 predicts typical seasonal fluctuations with slightly more favorable conditions than in 2023, evaluated based on seller-centric factors like competition, listing prices, market pace, likelihood of price reductions, and homebuyer demand.

In 2023, the housing market faced challenges with high home prices and escalating mortgage rates, dampening buyer demand and leading to decreased listing activity. Builders responded to lower demand by scaling back new construction. Towards the end of 2023, mortgage rates started to decrease, stimulating increased buyer and seller activity heading into 2024.

By February 2024, new listings and available inventory significantly increased compared to the previous year, favoring sellers entering the market during the spring. Looking ahead, the housing market is expected to become more affordable with lower mortgage rates and increased new construction inventory, emphasizing the importance of strategic timing for sellers.

Peak prices later in the season often coincide with heightened competition, making earlier listings in the spring advisable. For homebuyers, evolving market dynamics indicate improving inventory options as the year progresses, with historically increased buyer activity from late summer onward.


The week of April 14–20, 2024, presents an optimal window for sellers to list their homes, leveraging favorable market conditions characterized by higher prices, strong buyer demand, faster sales, reduced competition from other sellers, and fewer price reductions. While challenges persist, such as affordability concerns and ongoing market shifts, proactive sellers and informed buyers can navigate the housing market effectively during this promising period.

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